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WOPiXX trainings

WOPiXX trainings are presented by Birgitta Hauser. She is the first choice for the trainings because, as a RPG and SQL specialist, she played a significant role in the development of WOPiXX.

The venue for all open training is in Kaufering. For customer specific training, a venue of the customer’s choosing.



Structure of an open training

Open trainings adhere to a solid content plan. A training day is 8 hours plus lunch break, i.e. a full working day.



Customer specific training

Customized training can be adjusted to the needs, objectives and the internal processes of the customer. These classes are held on the customer’s premises and scheduled individually.


Dates and registration for open training sessions

The schedule for open training with Birgitta Hauser can be found here.



Registration for customer specific training

Cost: The cost of customized training is based on the length of the event, and the number of participants. Send us an email with the details and we will send a proposal back to you.


Dates: For customized training please contact Birgitta Hauser directly at: +49 (0) 8191-968-158







The trainer

Birgitta Hauser is a designated SQL, RPG and RPG ILE specialist. She enjoys the highest recognition by national and international experts. Her record of publications, training courses, workshops and lectures is comprehensive. In the US, she is often playfully called "The Queen of SQL".

Short CV: Bachelor in Business Administration (BA), several years in controlling and manufacturing accounting, computer programmer for AS/400, a software engineer for several software companies, development of program policies, program and application design.
Special areas: RPG and RPG ILE programming, SQL, database design, performance optimization. Birgitta Hauser shares this specialized knowledge during trainings and presentations (eg. COMMON events).