Modern Applications for IBM i



Modern applications with the performance and security of the IBM i server

RPG Web Extensions ("WOPiXX") heralds a new era in the i world. Modern applications can be developed with WOPiXX quickly by either RPG or COBOL programmers. These applications do not need a green screen. They run on any standard browser - easy to use, user friendly, interactive applications, whose HTML and Java Script functions enable web-comfort, web intelligence, and many additional functions for the i world.

Fast and easier development

RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX is a new function library for IBM i, with which the ILE programming languages (C, CL, RPG, COBOL) programmer can achieve rapid development of modern, browser-based IBM i user applications. The entire HTML and Java Script programming is encapsulated in functions – the programming effort is thereby dramatically reduced.

RPG/COBOL Programmers don’t need Java, HTML or Java script training; they can get started easily. Thanks to the simplicity of the WOPiXX functions (see programming examples), even WOPiXX beginners can develop modern applications.

The efficiency of WOPiXX is an example: RPG and COBOL applications are completed with 50-80 percent fewer lines of code than similar 5250 programs (!) and thus are in production faster.


Sustainable Modernization without investment in tools

While it is clear that simply converting 5250 applications to a GUI (graphical user interface) is not a real modernization, and, in the long run, may even increase maintenance effort (because both the 5250 and the GUI needs to be changed), only solutions that distance themselves from 5250 and double maintenance come into question.


For companies developing applications on IBM i, modernization will be an issue sooner or later. Here, the tangible business aspects play a role. More needs to be done than just a nicer interface and the use of a mouse with applications. Sustainability, the possibility of added value, future security, and simplifying processes, are aspects the decision makers rightly refer to.


Until now those who wanted to modernize first had to research the software market, compare license prices and training requirements of various tools, then spend money on licenses and invest a lot of time to modernize.

With RPG Web Extensions / WOPiXX it’s much easier:

•    WOPiXX is free and makes modernization possible without monetary investment.
•    Programmers don’t need to learn a new language – high productivity is maintained.



WOPiXX contains important functions for everyday use

WOPiXX provides service functions. Supplied are:

•    User friendly menu navigation
•    Import and export of applications
•    Manage and translate messages files
•    User-, subsystem-, job and spool administration
•    View spool files as PDF or HTML
•    Use of external data, eg. MySQL, Oracle


Context menus are easy with RPG Web Extensions ("WOPiXX")


User benefits

With WOPiXX applications can be developed that combine all the advantages of IBM i with the requirements of modern, user-friendly applications:

•    graphical user interfaces with web comfort and web Intelligence
•    interactivity
•    custom additional functions (eg. the integration of web services)