WOPiXX Downloads

WOPiXX is Freeware - a free function library for IBM i users. RPG and COBOL programmers create real browser applications without 5250 DDS. There are no HTML and Javascript skills required. Compared with 5250 programming, for subfiles, programmers need only 50 instead of 1000 Statements, i.e. a 95% saving! With the detail work, the savings is about 50%. That's hard to believe, but tested in direct comparison.





For a rapid and successful WOPiXX installation: Please note before installing

  1. WOPiXX installation: WOPiXX is a complex, comprehensive software. It performs well if all the components are correctly installed. WOPiXX requires IBM i V7R1.
  2. Please install WOPiXX on a partition where Toolmaker products have not been installed previously.
  3. Download the installation file by clicking the link below.

  4. Start the installation by doubleclicking the exe-file. Follow the installation instructions (in English).

  5. Please note: WOPiXX is installed with the Toolmaker Installation Manager (TIM). TIM will be installed first, then all WOPiXX installation files will be downloaded and transferred to your IBM i via FTP. The files are stored in  /TMSTIM/input  and are distributed from there.  
  6. When the download to your PC is concluded, please check the TIM status on your IBM i by entering GO TIM, option 1

  7. Start the TIM subsystem (if it does not start automatically) by entering GO TIM, option 26. Please note: Phase 1 of the installation should now be running. If WOPiXX is installed for the first time, phase 2 will be be initiated automatically.
  8. You can follow the installation process by entering GO TIM, option 1. Pressing F10 (additional text) will inform whether any operator intervention might be necessary (i.e. installing a system component like ICU, etc.).
  9. If necessary you can reach the hotline at







Help and Support for WOPiXX

  1. Register by sending us your user contact information.
  2. In our Support Blog you will find answers to technical questions and solutions to problems that might occur.
  3. If you have a problem that is not described there, you can register and post your own blog question.
  4. Call the Toolmaker hotline: +49 (0) 40-559 19 62 and talk to Mr. Woidt. He is the quick help of Toolmaker. Hotline and other support and update services are available with a valid support contract.
  5. Attend the "WOPiXX programming" training at Toolmaker in Kaufering. This saves you 1-2 weeks self-study. Dates and details can be found here.
  6. Study the "WOPiXX Handbook for RPG programmers". You can find it for free in the download section (below) as a PDF file. You can also order it as a printed book with about 350 pages in 4 colors in the ring file here:



Documentation for WOPiXX Programmers

Everything programmers need to know about WOPiXX can be found at this link




WOPiXX Software Download

Installing WOPiXX is performed using TIM, the Toolmaker Installation Manager. TIM then automatically installs WOPiXX. For more detailed intructions please read the installation instructions above. Download.